One Year is enough.

6 Months was not nearly enough.

From one dusty shadow to another:
Why are you shining this light on me?

I could say, I am afraid not to,
or, I love you,
or, it is the night.

But this is the truth:
I have no reasons.
I only have the light.

…When will I die? I will never die, I will live
To be 110, & I will never go away, & you will never escape from me
who am always & only a ghost, despite this frame, Spirit
Who lives only to nag.
I’m only pronouns, & I am all of them, & I didn’t ask for this
You did
I came into your life to change it & it did so & now nothing
will ever change
That, and that’s that.
Alone & crowded, unhappy fate, nevertheless
I slip softly into the air
The world’s furious song flows through my costume.

One year is enough.

Six months was not nearly enough.