Anonymous asked:

you've probably been asked this but do you know or have the source for the two girls where they're playing with a tail plug before the one fucks the other with a strap-on? I searched the tags and google and I came up short

Sinn Sage and Tori Lux. Been asked so many times even I remember it.


Anonymous asked:

How does sex feels like?

kittiecunt answered:


It really depends. It feels different for different people. And it feels different with different people. Otherwise it wouldn’t matter who you had sex with, right? (If we’re ignoring the feelings part that some people prioritize, that is.)

It’s immensely pleasurable, if it’s good. Tingly in all the right places. The release of tension. You know when someone runs their fingers all tickly-like across your back? It feels like that, but everywhere. And your brain is just totally consumed with the here and now and the physical sensations. You don’t even think, really. If it’s good. It’s like being high, or that exact perfect point between buzzed and drunk, except that you’re completely alert. It’s animalistic and physical and kind of monstrous. It’s like eating a magnificent thanksgiving feast after fasting for weeks, even if you just had sex three hours ago. You can’t get enough and your body is sort of greedy. And not just greedy in that you want all the pleasure, but that your body needs all the pleasure. To give and receive. If it’s good. It feels like heaven. Because heaven is a feeling and not a place, if you weren’t aware. Sex is heaven.

I once described an orgasm as that feeling that overwhelms you when you witness your favorite sports team finally win the championship game in overtime.

Looks like I can now say I said that twice.